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A little tour of the workshop


This week Miró, Matisse and Picasso were my source of inspiration.







In this short video I paint a floral scarf using watercolor and airbrush techniques it is accelerated, I do not paint that fast. It all seems easy but every scarf is painted individually and of course when you draw the first one it doesn’t turn out as nice as the 50th. once the scarf is painted I roll it in paper and steam it for about two hours to set the colors . The next operation is very important and time consuming, I wash them to get any extra pigment out of the fiber insuring no leakage or staining when you will be washing it. Finally it is steamed ironed, photographed, described and posted or put on sale at the two boutiques that carry our brand.

An historic about the creation of Foulards Caméléon

Hand painted silk scarf by : Yajello,Paris. Foulard de soie peint à la main par : Yajello, Paris.




In 1945 after the liberation of Paris a man named Yajello played cards in a cafe, he won a truckload of parachutes

Silk was hard to find and Yajello cut the silk parachutes and transformed them into hand painted silk scarves. My grandmother Rachel Giovanelli, who had a fashion shop in Paris, bought her.

This is what inspired my mother Béatrice Pochat when she lost her job as a social worker. She started off in an old Montreal lane in 1978 and finally had the only scarves shop in Canada at the time located on Saint-Paul Street.

In the 1980s the whole family worked to sell or paint Scarves, we participated in trade shows of arts and craft other fashion events in addition to having a business In old Montreal until 1993.

For some years now I have been thinking back to the time when I got up happy to go to work to paint scarves. After ten years of taking care of my parents before they passed away, I decided to attend Concordia University in Studio Arts, to take up this activity painting scarves that I love so much and to practice a profession that I am passionate about.

I am pleased to announce that I was welcomed into the Conseil des Métiers d’art du Québec and the corporation des métiers d’art de l’Estrie. This will help Caméléon grow its wings. our products are at the Boutique des Métiers d’ar de sherbrooke at : 121 Frontenac street, Sherbrooke Québec. and at gallerie Ricchi in the Marché Bonsecours in old Montreal.